USA’s Leading Meal Kit

A box with everything you 
need to cook great meals

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HOMELAND FOODS’ recipes consist of well-balanced and healthy meals. 
These one-pan meals are just what you need during your busy schedule. 
We can assure you that all our ingredients are fresh and we deliver them to our customers 
in an insulated box. By following the instructions step-by-step as given in the guide sheet, 
you can now experience the magic of cooking chef-designed recipes at home.


Customizable, Personalised

Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Protein Rich



Fresh Ingredients

Farm fresh, handpicked

Simple Recipes

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Cost effective and better for health compared to eating
Quality and Fun 
time with family

How it works?

Choose Your Meals

Select your favourites from a weekly menu of easy-to-follow recipies.

Revive Your Ingedients

Get fresh, seasonal ingredients delivered straight to your door.

Enjoy Incredible Dinners

Enjoy delicious, unforgettable meals
cooked from scratch.

So, what’s inside our box?

Delicious recipes

Follow the instructions and create a flavorful and hand-crafted meal in your kitchen.

Quality ingredients

We make sure that all our ingredients are responsibly-sourced- from fresh produce, seafood and spices. 

Just the right portion

We provide you with the perfect portions to make your meal so that nothing goes to waste

Recyclable packaging

We want the ingredients to stay fresh right until it reached your door step and so, our products are safely packed to retain its freshness

Why choose us?


HOMELAND FOODS provide a lot of flexibility and we allow you to you skip any week you want.


Get ready to mix and match and create the right meal for you. We have options ranging from keto, vegan, vegetarian, and protein rich meals. 


With HOMELAND FOODS, you have to spend less than $50 every week on your order and have chef-designed food created at your home. 


2 Servings

Great for 2 adults and leftover lovers


per serving for the first week

3-4 Servings

Great for familiesand households


per serving for the first week

Sample Meals

Seafood soup with chilli

25-30 min

Rise with carrots and green peas

45-50 min

Fresh vegetable salad

10-15 min

Rise with chicken breast peas

35-45 min

Spaghetti with basil leafs

30-40 min

Margherita pizza

40-50 min


“All the features you need and none you don’t. The simplicity of the tool, helped us become more productive and our customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed”


Founder, Acme Company

Get 50% off for your first month 
with Homeland Foods


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